Search Quality, quantified!

No longer bother with optimizing single search results. Get hard facts about the quality of your onsite search. Optimize your onsite search using KPIs and track them in plots over time.

The problem

When users rate the quality of a search application they tend to focus on few sample queries and singular search result documents. We have seen many situations where attempts to fix a search based on this kind of observation led to problems with other search queries or other documents. What would be really needed here is a more comprehensive testing approach and a quantification of search quality. - sirapp to the rescue: sirapp provides search quality metrics for a set of test queries.

How it works

It creates a small dataset per test query and test users will tell sirapp which results fit the query and which results do not. sirapp then calculates metrics in two modes: direct feedback for your datasets and predicted metrics for previously unseen data. You would normally use direct feedback as a quick response when you experiment with search settings during development and then switch to prediction mode to get the metrics across all queries and to monitor your search over time.

Integrating with sirapp

sirapp can either be used as a service that runs on our platform or be installed on your system. It comes with a REST-based API to trigger test execution and to collect test results and it can easily be integrated with your monitoring and continuous integration systems.

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We also supply support to optimise your search independent of sirapp.

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